How Do You Write a Nursing Essay?

Nursing essays allows nurses to communicate effectively with their patients, families, doctors, and other medical specialists. Nevertheless, nursing students need to take their education seriously after enrolling in the undergrad program for nursing. As one practices traditional academic writing styles, personal narratives, and other expository writings, the nurses also learn how to jot down patients’ care plans and charts. All these explain the importance of writing in the career of a nurse. Writing coerces such as literature reviews and research papers help nurses obtain higher positions such as health directors and program consultants in their future.

How do you write a nursing essay?

In the school of nursing, one requires academic papers and personal narratives for their writing composition. Every student needs to get familiar with the five forms of writing, which are you will get in the outline below. Same, writing skills are the essential aspect to possess.


Expository is the most common academic style of writing. These types of essays usually have a basic five-paragraph structure in their composition. They explain to the reader information about a specific topic. The system of an expository essay includes; an introduction, body, and conclusions that all correlate in giving evidence about the claims in the topic of discussion.


A narrative is the best for telling a story from a logical point of view.

Narratives have a beginning and an end. Nursing students who choose to incorporate history as their favorite writing style should have a clear introduction, subject introduction, and the best writing format. One is required to use the first person while writing in a narrative structure.

Cause and Effect

Cause and effects are like a comparative essay; nursing students can incorporate this format to write down about a specific subject and relate to a particular position. For example, students can discuss the causes and effects of cancer among breastfeeding women. A clear and well elaborate thesis is needed to collect the information and provide reliable information about the subject in question. Nursing students are well-advised to structure their paragraphs in a collective order that illustrates the causes and effects of a given norm.


The comparative essay gives a comparison and a contrast between the two items. In this essay, students are allowed to analyze and argue according to a superior side while also suggesting the weakness of the other side. All in all, nurses are required to give a clear structure in a central point of comparison. For instance, one can even choose first to discuss all the items in, let’s say item A then compare to item B.


A persuasive essay seeks to convince the reader to take a particular point of view in action. However, one can confuse it with the expository essay, which contains a lot of arguments. For instance, a persuasive essay can argue the reason against implementing the death penalty and the benefits of sentencing offenders to life imprisonment.


One needs to understand the importance of writing in nursing before putting pen to paper. All the same, in understanding this aspect, the other most critical note to consider is the type of essay to use. As discussed above, all the writing formats have a different structure needed for specific research or article writing. All in all, writing is fun when all aspects need is considered. Follow the right structure to enjoy essay writing or buy nursing essays online to get a quality paper without struggling.

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