Choosing Opinion Essay Topics for an Outstanding Essay

Writing essays is a norm in every student’s life. Different types of essays have different approaches when writing. However, the common aspect is that all essays should have an eye-catching topic to enhance the research process.

In this write-up, we feature opinion essay topics and how to choose these topics for a simplified essay writing experience. Keep reading to get more insights.

Opinion essay writing: what is opinion essay?

An opinion essay is all about demonstrating what the writer thinks of the question and why they think of the topic in that particular manner. Like every other essay, the writer must get good opinion essay topics, settle on one topic, then conduct research, as usual, to put together the content with backed-up evidence.

Therefore, the teachers use opinion essays to weigh the student’s capabilities to express their views on a particular question.

The structure of opinion essay: an opinion essay outline

Are you wondering how to start an opinion essay? Well, below is a simplified and approved opinion essay structure you should follow:

  • The introduction

If you are a learner, consider using the basic five-paragraph structure when writing the opinion essay, starting with the introduction.

In the introduction section, you simply state the question, then define your opinion before moving to the next sections.

Be sure to include a hook in the introduction section as a way of capturing the reader’s attention.

  • Three body paragraphs

In this section, simply focus on explaining your opinion. Each paragraph should have a solid point backed up with solid evidence.

  • The conclusion

In the conclusion section, re-state your opinion while reflecting on the ideas you have shared in the body paragraphs. Stick to reminding the reader why you chose the stated opinion through the evidence you have included in the main body paragraphs. This is significant to drive the point home.

Tips on choosing strong opinion topics

When you have the freedom to select your desired opinion essay topic, use the following tips to ensure you settle on the best topic.

  • Consider a topic that interests you
  • Choose a debatable topic
  • Consider an easy-to-research topic
  • Choose a topic that reflects events happening in the modern society
  • Check the availability of research materials for the given topic
  • Choose a narrow topic that will enable you to focus on specific elements

Topics for opinion writing

When tasked to craft an opinion essay, consider the following topics under the different categories:

Best opinion topics to write about

  1. Socialism: top pros and cons
  2. Explain the role of a president
  3. Should there be funds to prevent earthquakes globally?
  4. Should vaccines be forced or voluntary?
  5. Explain your opinion on racism in the healthcare systems
  6. Bullying: Physical vs. cyber bullying

Good opinion writing topics

  1. Should teachers have a right to punish students?
  2. Are gender schools significant in the present era?
  3. Do you think preschool students should own smartphones?
  4. Best ways to help children learn in the modern days
  5. How to control piracy issues
  6. The impact of irregular sleep routines

Interesting opinion essay topics

  1. Should there be a private prison?
  2. Describe Martin Luther King’s message in the present days
  3. Are electric cars beneficial?
  4. What causes autism?
  5. Does religion have any positive impact on education?
  6. Should paper books be eliminated?

Opinion essay topics college

  1. Online streaming: Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Does physical education reduce anxiety?
  3. In your opinion, are all policemen corrupt?
  4. The significance of healthy meal provision in the education sector
  5. Why composition essays are significant for successful careers
  6. Should engineering students study English?

Opinion essay topics high school

  1. Should there be a rule to put an end to human trafficking?
  2. Do you think air transport means contribute to air pollution?
  3. Do you think Asian culture dominates the world?
  4. Should children be given the freedom to choose hard labor?
  5. Do you think human beings are suffering a lot because of technological advancement?
  6. In your opinion, should stakeholders make potentially harmful medical data available to everyone?


Different essay categories have varied requirements. However, this does not mean the writing process is any different. The key you writing a captivating essay is choosing a perfect topic. So, if you are almost writing an opinion essay, ensure you pick a desirable topic by reviewing this write-up.

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